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We value your record as much as you do!

Through our online repository, you can access all of your transcripts and exhibits. Your documents are available in hard copy form and/or electronically and in any format you need, including .ptx, (E-Transcript), .pdf, .txt, and .xmef (Textmap). Rough drafts are also available to meet your deadline.

You can always schedule with us online, view invoices, and see your calendar 24/7. This archive will always be available.

Our realtime reporters provide verbatim testimony delivered realtime in the deposition suite or over the internet to your iPad or laptop, or one provided by us.

We specialize in multi-party, multi-jurisdiction, and complicated cases. Our reporters have extensive experience in all areas of litigation, including asbestos, patent infringement, trademark, water rights, contract dispute, personal injury, construction defect, medical malpractice, legal malpractice, harassment, discrimination, employment, family law, and agriculture.

M&M provides the finest experienced, technically trained and skilled reporters. As you know, there is no substitute for experience. Our reporters average over 20 years of court reporting experience. You can expect prompt and precise transcripts. Our court reporters make it look easy, but that’s only because they are experienced in this highly technical profession. You will be delighted by our court reporters’ demeanor, attitude and professionalism.

In business for over 45 years, our goal remains to be the preferred provider of court reporting and related services with which clients choose to do business and for whom people wish to work. Our superior reputation is based on providing accurate and timely transcripts. We will work around the clock to meet your deadline. Tell us when you need it and that's when you will receive it.

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