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Out-of-Town Scheduling

We provide nationwide scheduling. We will do your out-of-town scheduling for you, using our contacts across the country, lining up a reporter, conference room, or anything else you may require. No additional cost to you!

M&M Court Reporting has affiliates across the country. Let our over 45 years of experience work for you. We can find you court reporters, videographers, and conference facilities anytime, anywhere you need them. Let us do the legwork. This allows you the reassurance that you are getting top-notch court reporters for your depositions outside of your hometown. Let our experience be your guide.

Videoconference: The perfect alternative to traveling across the country for your deposition. Both M&M offices have state-of-the-art videoconferencing equipment. The witness can be brought to a videoconference facility near them, while you conduct your deposition in high-def from our plush conference room. M&M can make all the arrangements for you.

Remote Video: Conduct your out-of-town deposition remotely over the Internet using a laptop computer with a webcam or an iPad. M&M can make all the arrangements for you.

Teleconferencing: Leave the teleconferencing arrangements to us. We will distribute the call-in code to each of the participants and moderate the call for you. All transcript production will be handled by M&M and uploaded to our repository.

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