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Trial Presentation

Trial Presentation is a product of close cooperation between your trial team and our creative staff, designed to powerfully persuade the jury to embrace your argument.

In addition, our staff will masterfully organize all of your case materials for instant recall and presentation during trial.

When your case is ready, M&M's experienced, in-house certified Trial Director Trainer can accompany you in court using the latest technology to present your case and provide on-site technical assistance.

Many, but not all, modern courtrooms are configured for electronic presentations. You may need to provide some or all of the technology hardware for the presentation: monitors, projectors, screens, audio, wiring, etc. M&M offers equipment rental and setup if you do not have the necessary hardware available. Your M&M Trial Team can provide a quote for hardware rental pricing, once he or she has had the opportunity to inspect the courtroom where the trial will be held. We will:

  • Design and install necessary computer equipment in the courtroom
  • Confirm that all computer hardware and software is fully operational
  • Confirm the installed presentation system meets with the court's approval and conforms with the court's pre-trial specifications
  • Schedule equipment set-up and tear-down with court officials
  • Provide assistance in renting/purchasing presentation equipment
  • Ensure equipment locations for lines of sight, lighting and audio are satisfactory
  • Onsite support to maintain the equipment

Let us handle the presentation. You concentrate on the trial. We can provide video clip creation on the fly in the middle of trial within minutes. Presentation training is available. Our Certified Trial Director Trainer can instruct you on software as well as the ins and outs of courtroom presentations.

Video synchronization to the transcript is done in-house.

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