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Nothing beats meeting in person, but today's videoconferencing technology allows you to get pretty close. Videoconferencing is the new standard when you want to talk with an individual who is not nearby while avoiding the expense and hassle of travel. Experience the convenience and clarity of videoconferencing technology in our state-of-the-art videoconference facilities.

Make yourself comfortable in our high-definition rooms and conduct business remotely and conveniently. You can utilize our videoconferencing facilities for interviews, meetings, depositions, settlement conferences, business conferences, evaluations, presentations, and so much more.

Wherever you are, M&M Court Reporting makes it easy for you to connect to your clients, opposing counsel, and witnesses. Do you have a deposition out of town but don't have the time to travel across the state or country? Perhaps you want just one more meeting with your expert witness but don't want to spend the time and money that an in-person meeting would cost. Our videoconferencing services can save you time and travel expenses and hassles by allowing you to speak with whomever you desire, whenever you wish, wherever you or he/she is located.

Whether a deponent is located across town, across the country, or halfway across the world, M&M can help you take that deposition and be back at the office in time for lunch.

We will handle all testing of the connection with the remote site so that when you show up the videoconference connection is ready to go.

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